Endless Wave


Coming to Steam, Apple iPhone, iPad, Apple TV... and more!

Endless Wave is a mobile indie game currently in development. It is an endless surfing survival game.

Surfers battle pirates, sharks, and giant waves trying to ride as long as they can.

Beta is coming, if you'd like to test when it commences, send us an e-mail!

  • Bullet based physics system with secret sauce water simulation.
  • Insane number of particles for breaking waves and crashing object splashes.
  • Fully physical ragdoll characters for the best looking crashes possible.
  • Fully customizable character and surf board.
    • Custumes that change your riding experience.
    • Boost your performance with boards that are more agile, faster, or heavier to crash through opponents.
  • Numerous dangers...
    • Massive Bone Crushing Waves
    • Hungry Sharks!
    • Fierce Tornadoes
    • (occasionally combine the above two, ahem)
    • Marauding Pirates
    • Even more to uncover...
  • Global leaderboards to know how well you ride compared to everyone else.
  • Additional minigames for more fun.
    • Surf Ball
    • Surf Zombies
    • Drone Chase